by Das Punkt



Track build around declamations of Anton Szandor LaVey, who reads from his Satanic Bible, published in 1969, which is considered the foundation of the philosophies and dogma's that constitute Satanism as it is practiced in those absurd 'churches' you always have heard about but never encountered. Satanism is a Christian faith, although most Satanists see Lucifer, or the Devil, or whatever you wish to call it, as a life-affirming force rather than as a substitute god.


released 11 November 2011




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Das Punkt Amsterdam, Holland

Das Punkt is an Amsterdam based duo since july 2008. Consisting of one musician and one graphical artist this duo combine their crafts and interests in arts, electronica, music and odd historical events to create songs that hover between techno, soundscape and underground hardcore. Their music can be described as seductive, sometimes disturbing, with a dark palette of sounds and samples. ... more

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